How to configure Silhouette Studio to open .DXF files

 .DXF Files

Has it ever happened to you that you have opened a file with a .DXF extension in the Silhouette Studio and it does not have the measurements indicated (it is too large or too small)?

It happened to me often, in fact to many clients too, until one day I found the perfect configuration for most cases, and that works with my products..

Configurar tu Silhouette Studio.-

Next, I will leave you the steps to configure Silhouette Studio to open without problems .DXF files that are designed in millimeters..

  1. Open the Silhouette Studio Program and click on the configuration wheel, located in the lower right corner.
  2. Once you are in the configuration window, verify that the “Unit of measurement” box is in millimeters, if it is not, select the millimeters option
  3. Then click on the “Import” tab
  4. In the import tab it will show you all the files that the version of the program you have installed allows to open. Verify that each of the boxes indicates “As is”, in this way the design that you import or open in those extensions or design formats, will open as they were designed.
  5. Finally click on apply and then accept
  6. Ready, you can take a test!

I hope you liked it and you can put them into practice!👊

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