Have you found a file that you really like, but it comes in unknown formats, such as DXF?

Yes, I was in the same place at the beginning, alone, without knowing how the program worked and how I could take advantage of it.

And, did you know that files with a .dxf extension are one of the non-native Silhouette Studio formats that you can open?

Yes!!! And it’s super easy, in this little post I leave you clear and quick instructions to open that file that you have in a format that is not .Studio.

Opening the Dxf file in Silhouette Studio.

The first thing you have to do is locate the file in the folder where you saved it.

  1. Open explorer
  2. Find folder

  1. Select the file and right click on it. Doing this will display a list, as you can see in the image below

  1. Select the option: «Open with» and the programs you have to open that type of file will be displayed. In this case, as I already have it predetermined, among the programs you can see Silhouette Studio.

  1. If the program of your cameo is not within the programs, click on the option: «choose default program» and search for silhouette studio.exe, select it, check the box Always use this program for this type of file and click on accept

And ready! every time you find a file that is in this type of format, double-clicking it will automatically open it with Silhouette Studio


It is also important to indicate that many stores and pages for the sale of files or vectors do not offer their products but it is in generic extensions such as DXF (compatible with the Cameo ) and SVG (compatible with cricut), as a Creative Fabrica so you will always get files with these formats.

I hope this post has been useful. As a gift you can enjoy one of our products for free !!! Here

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